SWFL Realtor launches initiative, website to help residents of Englewood/Rotonda West

By | April 10, 2020


If you take a walk through downtown Punta Gorda right now, there’s not much to see or hear.

But the lack of people and noise is actually a sign of hope that we may get back to normal even sooner.

Southwest Florida realtor Steve Reed knows some of his neighbors are struggling.

He said, “I was trying to find ways that I could help during the situation and I figured one of the most basic needs is food.” So he launched rwengfood.com.

People in the Englewood/Rotonda West area of Charlotte County can register if they need help with affording groceries or getting it to their home.

LINK: For more information visit rwengfood.com

Volunteers can also make donations, deliveries, or both.

“When all of a sudden your paycheck stops, and you have no warning, they are going to be tight on funds for the most part,” Reed explained. “I think the majority of people want to help. They want to do what they can.”

Reed just launched the site on Monday and has a handful of volunteers, but he wants to reach more people who need help and can help.

A small gesture, that can make a big difference in your neighbor’s lives and make us all #GulfshoreStrong.

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