The McGregor Isles Homeowner Association is a voluntary non-profit organization supported the by McGregor Isles Community. Homeowners are encouraged to pay dues of $120.00 annually for their membership. The funds are used to support the following expenses and activities which directly benefit the community and enhance your property value.

  • Liability insurance.Sanibel_Island
  • Mowing and maintenance of front lot.
  • Mowing grass area on Prather Drive.
  • Water bill for irrigation of the front lot and entry.
  • Neighborhood watch security signs.
  • Maintenance and lighting on entry sign.
  • Supplies for special functions and events.
  • Special neighborhood improvement projects.
  • Bank and merchant fees.

We understand that some Homeowners may be on fixed incomes, so if you are not able to contribute $120 per year, any level of support is appreciated.

Corporate Sponsors

Homeowners or corporations may also make donations to our association. We will recognize those contributions greater than $500 per year with the following benefits:

  • Featured advertisement on our Sponsor Page
  • Featured advertisement on our Facebook group
  • Ability to to send targeted email McGregor Isles homeowners
  • Ability to list real-estate properties on website

If you are interested in making a donation and have any questions, please contact us directly.

4 thoughts on “Membership

  1. Charlene SerwichCharlene Serwich

    Do you provide an invoice for dues to be paid, and/or a receipt for dues paid? In the past I received a notice/invoice (hardcopy) of when dues were due.

    1. Bryan LichBryan Lich Post author

      There’s a form on the “member dues” page that you can download. This is the same document we have mailed in the past.

  2. Jacqueline pyanoe

    Have paid dues for a while, have never gotten a bill or receipt.


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