Potential Tropical Cyclone Sixteen Potential Storm Surge Flooding Map

By | September 22, 2023


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Potential Storm Surge Flooding Map (Inundation)

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**This graphic depicts the potential storm surge flooding
risk from the issuance time through the next 3 days. Potential
storm surge beyond 3 days is not reflected in this graphic.**




About this product:

Product Description

This map is based on PSURGE 2.0 guidance. Probabilistic and exceedance output can be viewed here: http://slosh.nws.noaa.gov/psurge2.0/.


Storm Surge Probability
Storm Surge

Storm Surge Exceedance
Storm Surge

The map window focuses on the active area for the Potential Storm Surge Inundation Map. The experimental product is not available for areas outside of the highlighted region on the map. The boundaries of the active region on the map are determined by the latest forecast advisory and the uncertainty therein.

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Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer (Version 9 or later).


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