New information released in the investigation to find missing baby from Miami

By | January 30, 2020


Law enforcement is still looking for the missing baby that prompted an AMBER Alert to be sent out earlier this week.

Pasco County Sheriff’s Office just released new details about the investigation in the search for the missing boy.

According to PCSO, after an all-out search in the area where the baby’s father, Ernesto Caballeiro, shot himself, deputies have determined there was no evidence discovered at the scene that confirms Andrew Caballeiro was with Ernesto Caballeiro in Pasco County.

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The Pasco County investigation revealed Ernesto left the Miami Dade County area about four and a half hours before arriving at the location in Pasco County and was only in this location minutes before fatally shooting himself.

Deputies revealed a map of the route they believe Caballeiro took when he left Miami.
PCSO says they are following up on any information reported to the Pasco Sheriff’s Office and are working closely with the Miami Dade Police Department to ensure all leads are thoroughly investigated.

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