McGregor Isles Homeowners Association Minutes Annual Homeowners’ Meeting

By | February 11, 2016

President Dan Shannon called the meeting to order at 9:00 am on January 30th, 2016.

In attendance were:

  • Dan Shannon, President (Parkway Ct.)
  • Tony Craig, V.P. (Snow Dr.)
  • Anne Wright, Secretary (Adele Ct.)
  • Shane Wilson, Sign Chairman (Adele Ct.)
  • Bryan Lich, IT Guy and Webmaster (Keenan Ave.)
  • Gordon Johnson, Treasurer (Snow Dr.)
  • Brent Stokes, Past President (Snow Dr.)

In total, there were 20 McGregor Isles Homeowners who attended the meeting, including Board Members.

President Dan Shannon introduced himself to attendees and gave a brief overview of how our association operates, what we offer to residents, and reminded everyone that we are a volunteer association. He then asked for nominees to the Board; Willie Spalding volunteered to take over the position of Vice President for 2016 and Tony Craig stepped down. All other Board members remained the same.As always, the payment of dues was the main topic; Treasurer Gordon Johnson reported that for 2015 34% of residents paid dues: $7100 dues collected; $615 in unrestricted giving; for a total of $7715 collected in 2015. Money spent throughout the year went to the following:

  • $3320 toward lawn maintenance of the front lot and entry boulevard
  • $133 to light the entry sign
  • $1288 for irrigation water (there was also a leak in the irrigation system which has been repaired)
  • $560 insurance for the front lot – Dan reminded us that each homeowner in McGregor Isles carries a portion of the liability for this lot.
  • $840 for sign maintenance – this includes the entry sign as well as neighborhood watch signs

Bryan volunteered to put together a flyer to distribute to door fronts in the neighborhood (175). The flyer will be a reminder to pay dues and covers what that money goes toward. Bryan has also set up a payment system through PayPal, and he will add a banner to our website encouraging residents to pay.

Kenny Erickson mentioned that the year that we had the highest participation in paying dues was when we had Block Captains and suggested trying that again.

Another concern that was brought up was the lack of consistent rules for McGregor Isles governing the parking of boats, rv’s etc. and general appearance of homes and cul-de-sacs throughout the neighborhood. It was brought up that there were rules in place at one time but that they had lapsed. In order to reinstate HOA rules, we would need for 75% of residents to vote to implement rules and present that to the state.

Mike Whitener suggested that “our favorite waterfront Realtor”, Shane Wilson, write an article for the website about the appearance of the neighborhood and how it affects property values.

Dan brought up another project that the Board discussed last year but was not put into action which was the planting of landscaping along Prather to create a barrier between McGregor Isles and the adjacent community. Kenny suggested contacting the county to find out what contribution they would make in providing or paying for trees or shrubs. Renee Lane and Celia Erickson volunteered to check into this. Everyone agreed that payment for this project should come from additional funds raised rather than from HOA dues.

The Board’s next meeting was scheduled for February 24, 2016 at 6:00pm at the Stokes Marine Conference Rom.

Respectfully submitted,
Anne Wright, Secretary
McGregor Isles Homeowners Association

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