Ammunition sales surge amid coronavirus concerns

By | March 14, 2020


The owner of Shoot Center says it’s not just hand sanitizer and cleaning supplies flying off local shelves.

“Since the beginning of the month, we’ve sold about 200,000 rounds,” said Aaron Forum.

Ammo sales are surging amid coronavirus concerns.

“It’s nationwide. All major distributors right now are sold out completely of 9 millimeters,” he said.

Ammos sales have tripled here in the last two weeks. While this store and others we reached out to still have ammo in stock, it’s unclear when re-supply shipments are coming.

“People see it, they’ll buy it because they don’t want to be without,” said Steven McPhee of Cape Coral.

Customers say there’s lots of uncertainty with the virus spreading and they believe this could be cased on fear of the unknown.

“We could possibly be confined to our homes before this is all over with. We don’t know exactly,” said Kevin Knapp of Fort Myers.

The people selling the ammo to customers walking through the door say many of their conversations focus on safety.

“People here really want to make sure they’re going to be safe, protected,” he said.

Forum also said more people are coming in to buy self-defense firearms like shotguns. Online retailers are also seeing the spike in ammunition sales.

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