Judge denies request for new trial for Convicted killer Mark Sievers

By | February 5, 2020


Convicted killer Mark Sievers was in court Wednesday morning requesting a new trial from the judge. The judge ultimately decided all motions for a new trial request would be dismissed and there would be no new trial.

Mark Siever’s attorney based the request on the motion that there was juror misconduct as well as new evidence that had not been seen prior to the original trial.

Lawyers for Mark Sievers argued information in a letter contradicts testimony given during Mark’s trial in the murder for his wife Dr. Teresa Sievers.

Mark’s lawyers say the testimony of Dr. Mark Petrites, the man who first found Teresa dead in her family’s home, is questionable due to a letter written by Petrites’ wife.

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The two-page letter was found after the recent trial and death penalty sentence for Sievers. It’s dated August 2015, and it’s central to the defense’s request for Mark to receive a new trial.

Watch a full video from inside the courtroom:

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