Decisions on mining in Lee County will be made Wednesday morning

By | June 19, 2019


A decision will be made Wednesday morning to potentially end the fight over mining in Lee County, and many have spent more than a year fighting the mines from moving close to their homes.

The decision being made today is all over ‘Map 14″, which is a step in the mining approval process that the county wants to drop.

It is not expected to be a smooth meeting leading up to the decision, as critics have formed a website which organized people to come together and sound off to the committee making the mining decisions.

The worry is that the elimination of “Map 14” makes it easier for mines to get approved and can cause a number of problems.

But several new state reviews show different results. “Map 14” designates where mining is allowed to occur, and as of Wednesday morning commissioners believe the language is vague and leaves it open to legal challenges.

After reviewing the changes, agencies believe the proposed changes will not impact our water, transportation, residential areas, or wildlife.

Commissioners stress that 95% of their mining regulations are staying in tact, and people’s rights and the environment will stay protected.

“The rest of the mining regulations stay in tact and really protect the environment those are the rules that we want to make sure that we promote going forward and not necessarily couple rules that would not provide us with a good defense in court,” said Brian Hamman, the Vice Chairman of Lee County Commissions.

Wednesday’s public hearing is scheduled to begin at 9:30 am. Trust WINK News to provide you with updates on the decision.


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