Collier County schools to resume as normal at the end of spring break

By | March 13, 2020


The School District of Collier County—so far says schools will continue as normal after spring break on Tuesday.

Southwest Florida residents have a lot of different opinions about whether or not kids should be going to school next week, but one thing was constant between people speaking out—safety is their top priority.

“I think they should stay home as well if they’re canceling NBA and all of the stuff and college students are staying home so they should as well,” said Naples resident, Abby Fraga.

While some might believe closing schools is the best option, the Collier County school district says they are still continuing as normal on Tuesday.

They did say— however. other activities like field trips, musical performances, and athletic events are under review.

Some parents say while many are lucky to have child care options if schools do close, some families don’t have that luxury.

“There are other parents who don’t have that in place already so that is a concern considering you have to pay for childcare Monday through Friday and I can get quite expensive,” said Naples resident, Vanessa Fulton.

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